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Contactless Terminal

Accept Payments completely touch free.


Amid ongoing concerns about the Covid-19 and anticipation of the new normal in the post Covid world, contactless payment enables you to accept chip cards, contactless (NFC) cards, Apple Pay, and other mobile payments anywhere. Running business seamlessly while keeping your most valuable assets, both staffs and customers, safe!

Why go Contactless


More hygienic

  • No direct contact between the cashier, customer and terminals

Faster transactions

  • No need to enter a PIN or provide a signature, less transaction time

Greater customer satisfaction

  • More convenient and faster transactions lead to more satisfied customers

Improved operational efficiency

  • Speedier transactions reduce the number of cashiers needed


Great alternative to cash and cards

  • No more need to carry these items to make purchases

Contactless Terminals

Pax S80


Pax A920


Clover Go


Clover Flex

Two Ways to go Contactless


Tap & go

  • Place the card one to two inches over the contactless terminal, and you are good to go.

Mobile contactless

  • Hold mobile device near the terminal‘s contactless mark and you are all set.

Paying with a Phone
Paying Customer
Retail Point of Sale
Restaurant Point of Sale
Online Payment Gateway 
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